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This is an actual call from a driver when he misfuelled his truck at a BP petrol station in Marlbrough Service Station: “It was an exhausting day at work and I pulled into the station to fill up my diesel truck. However, without thinking I filled up my tank with petrol instead. I cannot believe I was so distracted I didn’t realise what I was doing. I cant believe I made such stupid mistake. What to do now? Can Wrong Fuel Recovery help me?”

This is a far more common mistake than people realize, and it can happen to anyone. We get calls every day from couples, students, families, and business men and women when they accidental put the wrong fuel in their cars. Whether it is a rental care, a vehicle borrowed from a friend or family member, or your own vehicle, it is easier than people realize to slip up and put the wrong fuel in.

Once you make this fuel mistake, can be very costly to fix this issue. If a car is driven any length of time with the wrong fuel, it gets circulated throughout the system and sends up in the fuel pump and fuel-injection systems. You may need new parts replaced, a new engine, or an expensive disassemble and reassemble of the engine parts. It could end up costing you a few hundred pounds or a new engine could end up costing thousands upon thousands of pounds by the end. The best thing to do if you realize right away you have the wrong fuel in your vehicle is do not start the engine and do not try to drive.

Our customer was fortunate enough to realize his mistake right away and was able to stay at the BP petrol station in Marlbrough until we could get there. He explained the issue to the staff and they allowed him to stay there until we arrived and helped him get the fuel issue resolved. We work with many different petrol stations in the area and most are very understanding to the issues that come from putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle and are willing to work with you and help you fix the issue.

Wrong Fuel Recovery

Wrong Fuel Recovery

As our customer found out, Wrong Fuel Recovery can help when you have that moment of memory lapse and put the wrong fuel in your car, truck, or van. Let us help you fix the fuel issue and get you back on your road quickly and for a lot less money! And thanks to our good partners ar BP petrol station in Marlbrough for so high standard cooperation. Well done!