Misfueling Nissan Primastar Van Gloucestershire Cirencester (BP Petrol Station)

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Wrong fuel recovery

Wrong fuel recovery

Call from driver about misfueling Nissan Primastar van Gloucestershire at BP petrol station: “It is been a long day in work and I pulled up to the petrol pump to fill up my diesel car. However, without thinking I have accidently filled the car up with petrol instead. Disaster! How could I be so incautious and careless? I have made such stupid mistake. What to do now?”
This is actually one of the more often mistakes that drivers can make, through inattention, or if they’re using a car they haven’t driven before.

So, you have made one of the simplest mistakes you can make, what’s next? Can I drive the car to nearest garage or car dealer to make wrong fuel recovery work? How costly will it be?

Short answer: can be very costly. If a car is driven for any length of time, it will end up damaging the fuel pump and fuel-injection systems, and will most likely result in the need for a costly new engine. The cost of driving a diesel car filled with petrol can range to a few hundred pounds for replacement parts to an entirely new engine costing thousands. So what we always advise – if you have any doubts that you had filled with wrong fuel, please do not start the engine and do not try to drive.
Misfueling Nissan Primastar Van Gloucestershire Cirencester ended with successful outcome as driver called us and arranged mobile fuel drain. We reached the destination after 50 minutes, drained the fuel tank and put Nissam Primastar Van driver back on the road very quickly!

With ISO 9001 and PAS 43 we are fully certified for roadside recovery everywhere and mobile fuel drain.