Mishap on Wedding Day – Wrong fuel in car Wantage Northampton

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Wrong fuel in car Volvo

Wrong fuel in car Volvo

Here is what we received from one of our customer who had put wrong fuel in car Wantage Northamptonshire on very important day – his best firend wedding day! We were glad to help with wrong fuel removal.

I know all motorists succumb to wrong-fuelling problems at least once in their lifetime. For the forgetful motorists, the problem haunts them more than once. Most of the time, it is the motorists’ fault as they don’t stay alert at the fuel court. Sometimes, they should not be blamed as the label on the pump fades out and the motorists make a wrong choice. Let me now share the most traumatic wrong-fuelling experience of my life.

It was my friend`s wedding day. My newly bought diesel car was planned to be the wedding car and should have been beautifully decorated with flowers. Everyone at my home was busy. I pretended being occupied with works though I was doing nothing. I could have checked if my car had enough of fuel in the tank for a long drive. The nearest church is miles away from my home. Who knew that my car would succumb to wrong-fuelling in the evening? And the disaster happened and left us standing on the road hopeless for one hour – I had put wrong fuel in car Wantage Northamptons.

We would have got out of the troubles much earlier but we did not have an expert’s number. I called my friend to inform what had happened. However, before that, we wasted half an hour to identify the problem. She gave me two contact numbers of wrong fuel recovery services. I dialed the first one but heard a busy tone for a long time. However, I got quick response after dialing the second number. The lady, who received the call, asked me some details about my car and how much fuel I had loaded into it. She promised to send a team of professionals.

They came at the spot and threw me a smile that I took it as a sign for assurance. My chauffeur was sitting on a roadside bench while burying his head into two hands resting on his knees. I took pity on him. I did not rebuke John (my chauffeur) but he hung his head in shame. The specialist professionals took only half an hour to perform a complete recovery work. I was relieved. In fact, every one of us was relieved. So thanks guys for help – you saved not just my life but also my friends newly founded families liefe. Good job – well done!”.

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