Remove wrong fuel Northamptonshire Upton – Mercedes Van

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“Hi, can you please remove wrong fuel from my car? I have put wrong fuel Northampton Upton. And it`s Mercedes Sprinter van.”
We received such call from driver who had stopped after misfueling the car close to petrol station near Nortamptonshire Upton. Driver put full tank with unleaded petrol that is why he stopped very soon. Vans has bigger fuel tanks, so driver was worried will it be possible to remove wrong fuel completely. We are experts and this is not a problem for us, this is business as usual it just can take a little more time to do wrong fuel recovery.

Northampton is area which we can reach in 40-45min, some delays can happen due to traffic of course. We agreed on all details and sent unit out immediately to remove wrong fuel. After 30min, our mobile unit informed that they will be late as on M1 car accident has happened. Mercedes Sprinter Van driver was informed immediately – as our company Wrong Fuel Recovery do care about customers and we do inform them on all activities and changes that occur. Our mobile unit operator reached Mercedes van in 55min and wrong fuel removal started.

In a very short time, incorrect fuel was taken out, contaminated fuel was cleaned out from the lines and filter, we agreed with owner to put in 10 liters of diesel and flushed it through the system – and the Mercedes Sprinter Van was back on the road after wrong fuel recovery. Nevertheless all challenges we had today – afterwards driver and we were very pleased with the results.

At the end driver asked – “Guys are you certified to do wrong fuel removal works, do you follow safety rules?”
The answer to driver and to you all is – “With ISO 9001 and PA 43 you can rest assured that we are qualified for both roadside recovery and mobile fuel drain recovery”.

Wrong fuel recovery

Wrong fuel recovery