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There would rarely be a day when we would not receive calls for wrong fuel incidents. While some days the phones would be ringing off the hook while on other occasions there would be a call once in every two to three hours. It was a slow day for us as we had received only 4 calls from the time our shift started. The next call we received from a frantic caller who sounded deeply troubled as he had put wrong fuel in car Amersham Buckinghamshire. We asked him for the location and other details to inform our team so that they could leave with the correct equipment and be prepared in advance for any tricky scenarios.

After relaying the information the motorist started sobbing and we realised that we were dealing with a teenager from the timbre of his voice. We spoke him in calm soothing tones to have him relaxed enough to tell us what happened so that we could ease his worries.

Once he had stopped crying and sobbing we asked if he had water in his car and asked him to drink it before trying to tell us anything about the mis-fuelling incident. After he had water he started to speak and told us that he was driving his birthday gift a day before it had been presented to him. His birthday was the next day, and since his parents were not at home and he had discovered the surprise gift he decided that he would drive around for a bit. However, he ended up driving around for hours and had to refuel it. This was where he had made the mistake however, he did not realise it at the time. He had put wrong fuel in car Amersham Buckinghamshire.

He thought it could be wrong fuelling when the car stopped suddenly and he started searching the internet to come up with a solution to fix his problem. He thought his parents would be devastated not only to find the car missing or not functioning upon their return later that evening. Soon, our team was with him and helped him out by removing the wrong fuel, checking for signs of damage and then filling in the right fuel. Wrong fuel recovery made mobile wrong fuel drain. He was sincerely very thankful for helping him out in such a messed up condition.

wrong fuel in car Amersham Buckinghamshire

wrong fuel in car Amersham Buckinghamshire

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