Sharing wrong fuel in car Lemington SPA Warwickshire VW Golf experience

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Wrong fuel in car Lemington SPA Warwickshire

Wrong fuel in car Lemington SPA Warwickshire

It’s not a wrong-fuelling story that I’m going to tell you. Wrong-fuelling is a reality and gives the motorists a hellish experience if problems are severe. However, not many of them suffer nightmarish experiences as less than 5% are unlucky. I will share my experience of wrong fuel in car Lemington SPA Warwickshire.

I am a wrong fuel drainage engineer. Surprised? How can a specialist suffer such problem? Well, to err is human. It must not be shocking for my readers to know that an expert committed mistake. I was absorbed in other thoughts and paid price for my inadvertence. However, all those happened much before I decided to choose wrong fuel recovery as my profession. Was the incident has anything to do with my career selection? May be but I am not very much sure as I was only a five-year old boy then.

My father was driving the car and we were going to a picnic spot near Lemington SPA Warwickshire. 20 years ago, the place was not so much crowded that it is today. I found only three fuel stations on our way to the destination. We started our journey from Liverpool. The car was racing past everything at a blistering pace before my father stopped it at a fuel court. The fuel station was larger enough to accommodate multiple cars for fuel refilling. I got down with my father who took the pump and started filling in the near-empty tank.

When it was time to pay the bill, he yelled out “Oh my god”! “What has happened”, my mother asked from the car. “What will I do now? I just put wrong fuel in car Lemington SPA Warwickshire”? My father threw a deadpan look at the manager sitting at the cash counter. The person advised my father to contact wrong fuel recovery specialist and he did just that. However, it was not Wrong Fuel Recovery that came to our rescue as the company was established a little less than a decade ago. I still remember that we had to tow the car to the recovery station with great difficulties. However, two employees of the fuel station helped us a lot.

I learned later that my father had put unleaded petrol into his diesel car and it could be a disaster. However, nothing like that happened and we got back to the road in 15 minutes after reaching the recovery center.

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