Unleaded Petrol in Diesel Dudley – Mercedes ML320 – What now?

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Wrong fuel recovery in Dudley

It was in a remote area of Dudley. Bill was coming late at night. He was driving a Mercedes ML320. It is a diesel-powered car. Highroad was just 15 minutes away from him. Understandably, the traffic was light when he was driving at a high speed. On his way to Liverpool, he stopped at a local fuel station to fill his car. He was tired and did not notice the tag on the fuel pump to know if it is petrol or diesel. He had no idea that he was loading wrong fuel i.e. unleaded petrol into his diesel vehicle.

Most of the motorists are yet to be educated about mis-fuelling incidents and how to avoid the same. The nozzle of unleaded petrol pump is smaller than the width of the aperture of the standard diesel fuel tank and it steps up the chance of loading incompatible fuel into car tank. The reverse scenario is very rare as the nozzle of the diesel fuel is larger than the aperture of the standard unleaded petrol fuel tank. So, any potential mistake is easily prevented.

Bill got to knew all of these only after he had installed unleaded petrol in diesel Dudley. He called his sister Andy and she explained the situation about wrong fuel in car and asked him to call a wrong fuel recovery expert. Bill suspected the problem while paying for the bill at the fuel court. 30 liters of petrol – that is what he put into his car tank. Andy warns Bill not to start the car at any cost until fuel is removed.

He contacted our Wrong Fuel Recovery operator got immediate response. However, our words of comfort failed to calm him. He was tensed though heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of our wrong fuel engineers. Previously, the employees at the fuel court helped Bill push his car aside so that it does not cause any obstacle for us coming to the spot for tank cleaning and mobile fuel drain.

Our wrong fuel professionals reached the site in half an hour and started working immediately. What happened next? Read the next blog to know if Bill was able to get out of his trouble or not.

But if you need help already, please call us now 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922 and we will be there in a jiffy.