VW Golf wrong fuel removal Atherstone Warwickshire

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Driver called and explained that he needs wrong fuel removal Atherstone Warwickshire from VW Golf. He had unleaded 27 litres of petrol in diesel engine and noticed this at the moment when he put back fuel pistol. Of course the driver had to pay for the fuel, nevertheless it was wrong one.

While paying the bill VW Golf driver inquired shop attendant about next activities and suggestions. It was one second and petrol station operator gave our business card as we work very close with the petrol stations to ensure for you fast and smooth wrong fuel recovery process.

VW Golf wrong fuel removal Atherstone Warwickshire

VW Golf wrong fuel removal Atherstone Warwickshire

We arrived after 55 minutes, mobile fuel drain was done with success and after hour and a half  VW Golf driver was back on the road happily continuing his journey.

We share our wrong fuel recovery experience so you would be informed about next steps when this mistake happens to you. So if you are reading this, probably it has happened already. Relax and no worries, putting wrong fuel in car is no big deal, this can happen to everyone.

If you can’t get moving because you’ve put the wrong fuel in the tank, don’t turn to the garage or dealer, they will charge you the earth. Just chill out, do not start or turn the engine off and let our experienced team and their Mobile Wrong Fuel Drain take over. Don’t waste your money, call us at Wrong-Fuel-Recovery.co.uk on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922 we will come to you and recover your vehicle there and then.

Put your mind at ease as you are dealing with the professionals – we are ISO 9001 and PAS 43 certified for roadside recovery and fuel draining.