Wrong fuel Dudley – Petrol in Diesel Mercedes ML320 – Part II

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Our mobile Wrong Fuel recovery unit reached the spot in half an hour and found Bill there who needed wrong fuel recovery Dudley as he had put petrol in diesel car. We did take almost no time to assess the situation. Bill was curious to know what had happened and waiting with bated breath to listen from us. He was so tensed that he could even hear his heart beat. Our engineers comforted him by asserting that they had expertise in addressing the toughest kinds of wrong-fuelling problems. We sometimes operate also as psychologists.

After few minutes, our mobile wrong fuel drain unit operator declared that the incident demanded for a simple flush-and-fill situation. Full flush out is important and Bill learned it for the first time as he was an ignorant guy about wrong fuelling mistake. A systematic recovery is ensured by us – wrong fuel service providers.

Wrong fuel recovery

Wrong fuel recovery

We started wrong fuel recovery

We immediately started wrong fuel recovery. We took out the pump and connected the same to the car fuel tank. Our engineers use the state-of-art equipment to remove fuel from the car tank as all of us wanted to ensure safe and quick service in the most efficient fashion.

Before starting the work, Bill inquired us about licenses and insurance. We replied that he can put his mind at ease, we are fully certified for roadside recovery everywhere and mobile fuel drain with ISO 9001 and PAS 43. It proves that the service provider is licensed to deal with hazardous materials like petrol and diesel. We advise to check this with your roadside assistance service provider.

Protection of Vehicle

Our wrong fuel operators consider most important to protect the vehicle and so use a plastic-padded sheet in order to separate hoses from the car’s body frame. After the connection was made between the pump and fuel tank, the fuel recovery process was started.

After fuel recovery from the car tank, high-end equipments are used to flush through the entire system with the right fuel. A little amount of fuel was used to do complete flush-out. Our experts took extreme care to avoid any damage to the internal components of the car. After the stage, the tank was filled up with fresh fuel and the engine was started.

Everything was fine and it was a new lease of life for Bill’s car.

We experienced another happy removal of wrong fuel Dudley! So if you have trouble with wrong fuel, do not hesitate – call us 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922 and we will help you to get back on the road.