Saving a man’s reputation in front of his co-workers: wrong fuel Oxford

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Over the years Wrong fuel recovery has formed a strong client base. Wrong fuel Oxford is very often place where we do our mobile fuel drains. It has been possible because people have trusted us and we have kept our promise on delivering the best service. Managing various situations might take up a lot of courage on our part. But so far have always enjoyed my role as a customer service executive in this industry. I have learnt and grown with every situation that came along my way.

It was a long night and the calls came frantically. There was no way we could actually rest. Most of them were the same and required similar action however there was one call which was pretty different from the rest.

Wrong fuel Oxford

Wrong fuel Oxford

The caller was very calm and it surprised me but I was thankful as most of the callers are panic stricken in such situations. He told me that he needed immediate assistance from the team. It was the case of the wrong fuel Oxford. I asked him to give me more details about the situation while he kept on refusing.

Now, in our line of work we do follow certain protocols and require few details at least to get started. I told him clearly that we deal with wrong fuelling and can only assist him if he can explain his situation. After sometime, he called again and told that he bought a new car and it was a diesel car. He was in his 50’s and was very good with cars. That day he made a mistake which never happened before. Instead of diesel he filled the tank with petrol. Only after leaving the gas station it crossed his mind.

He had his colleagues with him and was highly embarrassed to admit his fault. He excused himself from them and called us up again. I understood his situation and provided him with immediate assistance. Luckily, the engine was hardly damaged and it was quickly fixed. Though he did not tell much to his colleagues who were with him but I guess they figured out what went wrong.

He thanked us and was deeply sorry for his mistake but we understand that mistakes can happen at any point of your life. But it should be dealt properly to prevent any further damage.

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