Wrong Fuel Recovery – Ideal Source of Help – wrong fuel in car Chalfont St. Giles Buckinghamshire

wrong fuel in car Chalfont St.Giles Buckinghamshire

wrong fuel in car Chalfont St.Giles Buckinghamshire

Phones at Wrong Fuel Recovery keep ringing sometimes during the weekdays and sometimes during the weekends. Most of the times we remain busy during weekends as everyone travels or uses their own car. During weekdays most individuals’ car pool as it is economically feasible. It was neither the weekend nor the starting of the week, when we received a call a reporting an incident of mis-fuelling, and asking for immediate help. Again – wrong fuel in car Chalfont St. Giles Buckinghamshire.

Our team headed out as soon as possible after ensuring they had all their equipment with them. The man who made the call was stuck in the middle of the Tessco petrol station and had managed to push the car to the side so that he did not become a part of an accident. He seemed to be too worried despite our assurances that his car would be safe and working smoothly in no time. He informed that he was due to take a long trip in two days time and required his car to be functioning smoothly on the road. The journey itself would be more than one day which is why he was anxious not to face any such problem and be delayed.

He had not met his family for a few months and his wife and daughters would be travelling halfway through the distance so that he did not have to travel all the way home to meet them. He had been out here for the past one year during which he rarely had free time to travel. As his wife and daughters also had busy schedules they too could not travel. He had to handle this job for almost another year so that when he got back home he might settle down without having to transfer regularly.

Since, he was worrying so much and did not want to be delayed, our team decided to perform maintenance for some parts so that he would not have any problems while travelling. He was grateful to our team for helping out and also for providing the extra assistance without any extra charges. We removed wrong fuel in car Chalfont St. Giles Buckinghamshire and made the mobile fuel drain. He also mentioned that he would tell his family about us and ask them to avail services from a branch closest to them, in case they ever required wrong fuel drainage.

Again – happy customer story! Good job – Wrong Fuel Recovery Team.

If you have put the wrong fuel in car you are not alone! More than 400 people accidentally do this every day in the UK so there is no need to feel foolish. It can happen to the best of us. However you do need to take immediate action to drain the tank before any damage is done to your engine.

Our specialized vans are equipped to safely and quickly remove the contaminated fuel from your tank avoiding the inconvenience, cost of recovery and the expense of ensuing repairs to your engine.  Avoid the expense of transportation fees and engine repairs by call us now on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922 with four quick steps you’ll be on your way. Put your mind at ease, the cavalry are here – with ISO 9001 and PAS 43 we are fully certified for roadside recovery everywhere and mobile fuel drain.