Wrong Fuel Recovery – Provides Knowledge to Ignorant Motorists – wrong fuel in car Marlow Buckinghamshire

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wrong fuel in car Marlow Buckinghamshire

wrong fuel in car Marlow Buckinghamshire

A few years ago wrong fuelling was not such a major problem, however, now it has become a serious issue and motorists need to be aware of this issue so that they do not cause heavy damage to their car owing to lack of knowledge, so that they do not put unleaded petrol in diesel engine and do not put wrong fuel in car Marlow Buckinghamshire. One day we received a call from one such motorist who had no prior knowledge about wrong fuelling and its consequences.

We got a call during the usual lunch hour and after asking the motorist for his location we immediately sent a team to help him. It was wrong fuel in car Marlow Buckinghamshire. While we chatted we came to know that he was a businessman who travelled frequently to the neighbouring towns for work. We were amazed that he had not encountered wrong fuelling in all these years and this was the first time he had made this mistake.

He admitted to have driven petrol cars his entire life which is why he had not placed this problem previously. Recently, his car had stopped functioning, and needed maintenance, and at this time he had to go out on a trip. He had rented a car which was diesel and from that day he had wanted to purchase a diesel car.

He was still considering several options to see which car would suit his preferences. Till then he was sticking to his loyal car that had survived many hours on road. On this trip he had been thinking about the diesel cars when he approached a fuel court. At the fuel court he spotted a car which he was considering as an option. This car was not a new model then, and there were not many who had cared to offer reviews or feedback. He wanted to approach the other motorist and wanted to get a first hand opinion. When he returned to his car and was filling in the fuel he did not notice in that he was filling in the wrong fuel.

He was still at the fuel court when our team members reached there, he had put wrong fuel in car Marlow Buckinghamshire. They gave him a brief rundown of the process of wrong fuel drainage also informing him the complications of driving with wrong fuel in the car. As he was thanking them for correcting his trivial yet dangerous mistake, he also thanked for being patient and explaining the process to him.

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