Wrong fuel removal Bicester: Satisfying the mis-fuelled needs of a motorist prior to a rally

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If you ask me what makes wrong fuel recovery special. I would definitely say that it our top notch service which is provided round the clock without any interruption. We deal with various types of vehicles and their mis-fuel needs. Wrong fuel removal Bicester is sory about misfuelled rally driver.

Once we had a situation where a motorist called us up for assistance. The caller was simply unaware that his vehicle was mis-fuelled. He was participating in a bike rally and he had to fill the tank before the rally. The bike belonged to his friend’s and he thought that it was a petrol one as he himself possessed petrol driven bike.  He started off but after sometime he felt that the bike was losing on its speed.

Wrong fuel removal Bicester

Wrong fuel removal Bicester

He thought maybe the bike was not driven for a long time and probably it needed a bit of maintenance. He kept on riding the bike but after sometime the bike simply stopped moving. It came to a halt and this made him nervous. He had a rally to participate and the bike gave up 2 hours before that.
He asked his friend if he could suggest some way then his friend told that his bike runs on diesel and that it was mis-fuelled

Richard, our caller got the number of Wrong fuel recovery from his friend and called us up with his entire story of an unfortunate event. Our team reached the spot and found him all tensed and sad. It took very less time on our part to get the problem fixed with nil percentage of error. However, since he was planning to participate in a rally, our team was extra conscious and carefully examined the bike for any flaws. The bike was all set to hit the road and we wished luck for his rally.

Later that day we got a call from Richard and he could not stop praising about Wrong Fuel Recovey. We thanked him heartily and asked him how his rally went and whether he faced any issued with his bike. But his journey was all good. His performance was brilliant and he even asked all of us tobe there for the next one.

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