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Wrong fuel recovery

Wrong fuel in car Northampton

It was a perfect day for picnicking. The sky was blue and the mild breeze made the morning very soothing. Our wrong fuel engineer with Wrong Fuel Recovery, just came to our office in Oxford. As soon as he took on his chair, a call arrived at the receptionist’s desk. It was from someone namely Richardson. Rita, the beautiful receptionist with her golden hair and deep-blue eyes, knew that the problem was with wrong fuel in car Northampton.

It was a Volvo diesel car that he has put wrong fuel in. Being careless in times of fuel loading, he installed 20 liters of wrong fuel into the tank. Rita note down the details and transferred those to our mobile fuel drain operator. “Such things happen during peak hours on Monday”, he told to himself. From his decade-long experience, he knew ins and outs of wrong-fuelling problems. He got ready in a few minutes and asked his troop to get into the van with all necessary equipments along with 20 liters of fresh fuel.

The van reached the spot on 10 am – just within 45 minutes after the Richardson called at the office. Our operator had reached earlier than the expected time despite the fact that the traffic was not light at the moment. The spot was not far away from the nearby petrol station where he fuelled wrong fue in car Northapmtonl. He told that the car had stalled when he was about to leave the fuel court. We started recovering wrong fuel from the tank and followed a step-by-step procedure for that.

In such cases we first performe a simple recovery followed by a full flush-out to clean the components with fresh fuel. After that, the tank was filled with correct fuel i.e. diesel. Operator took the seat behind the driver’s wheel to start the car and be sure if there was any fault to fix up. He was happy to have done a perfect job.

So if you have wrong fuel in car Northampton, do not hesitate – call us on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922.